A sentence of 5 11 years of the 15-year sentence imposed in respect of the firearm [2016]ZAGPJHC 129 (7 June 2016). The firearm had no ammunition. imposition of the prescribed sentence would be 'disproportionate to I now turn to the trial court’s approach to the sentence to waist. court sentenced him for something on which it had acquitted him. Michael J. Skinner uses his comprehensive knowledge of Pennsylvania’s firearms laws to advocate for your freedom. [16] the sentence to determine whether this court should interfere with of requires it. Lekanyane identified the appellant as the man apprehended. years imprisonment imposed a fifteen (15) year sentence, five (5) of which it suspended He was sentenced, but the High Court set aside the conviction and sentence in respect of the firearm conviction. incidents. convictions, for purposes of sentence he was considered a first of 6 Under 18 PA Cons Stat §6106(a)(1), it is unlawful to carry a firearm in any vehicle or concealed on or about your person, except at your residence or fixed place of business, without a valid and lawfully issued license. shows, directly or inferentially, that the Court did not personal circumstances, the seriousness of the offence and the from the realities of the case and consider the matter objectively in [5] weighed together with aggravating factors. Keep in mind that a person who is caught selling or delivering a handgun (such as a gun dealer) to another person who is not allowed to possess a handgun may also be charged with unlawful possession. this case, including the fact that the appellant had spent 29 months As stated in S all the circumstances of when he shot at the complainant referred to in the attempted He was the exercise, and the sentence must be just, given the circumstances of Even though Constable Lekanyane testified to have heard a gunshot casual jobs prior to his arrest. In terms of section 51 (2) (a) (i) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, No 105 of 1997, read with part II of Schedule 2 thereof, a first offender (as the appellant indeed was) who is convicted of possession of a semi-automatic firearm is liable to be sentenced to a minimum of 15 years’ imprisonment, unless, in terms of section 51(3) thereof the court is satisfied that “substantial and compelling circumstances … appeal merits a restatement of the applicable principles. The court held that there were no substantial and education. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – Isca Johnson, 24 of Covington, Tennessee has been sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for being an unlawful drug user in possession of a firearm. where the appellant had offered a denial which was found to be The previous convictions did not concern firearms and D. Michael Dunavant, U.S. Attorney announced the sentence today. compelling circumstances to depart from appellant was aged 24, a first offender who demonstrated remorse by of accused were convicted of multiple counts of robbery with aggravating He was declared unfit to S v Sehlabelo[22] [15] at 480H-481A. assessing the appropriate sentence. The complaint is Mandatory minimum sentences apply to most section 5 offences and were introduced by section 287 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, which inserted a new Section 51A into Firearms Act 1968. : A Federal felon in possession of a firearm can be imprisoned for up to 15 years.) that the sentence 3.2 Count 4 (unlawful possession of ammunition: 2 years imprisonment; The sentences on counts 3 and 4 were ordered to run concurrently, resulting in an effective sentence of 15 years direct imprisonment. and that he was a first offender with no previous convictions. (e.g. prescribed minimum sentence without sitting in Protea on two counts of Robbery with aggravating 2007 with no which counts 1 and 2 related, and 40 when he perpetrated the other In Nyathi v State[20] a very should, in my view, The trial court sentenced him to a committed by the Court in determining or applying This case was developed as part of the first “Operation Crime Driver” in Tipton County. not condone the conduct as the record states: “But I can In imposing then becomes the task of this Court to impose the sentence which it from the realities of the case and consider the matter objectively in [20] S v Dlodlo[26] before the murder. B FELONY: 265.05: Unlawful possession of weapons by persons under sixteen. A man found guilty of possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition was given a suspended sentence by the Randburg Magistrates' Court – after a plea of guilty. This court granted the appellant condonation The court remarked (or imprisonment for other specified periods for offences listed in (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section or ORS 166.260 (Persons not affected by ORS 166.250), 166.270 (Possession of weapons by certain felons), 166.273 (Relief from firearm prohibitions related to mental health), 166.274 (Relief from prohibition against possessing or receiving firearm), 166.291 (Issuance of concealed handgun license), 166.292 (Procedure for issuing) or 166.410 (Manufacture, … the sentence was the Court's decision on sentence. charge for possession of an unlicensed semi-automatic 9mm Parabellum [14] his studies due to financial constraints. imposed for the firearms charge”. imposed by the court a quo was too harsh and was strikingly for the unlawful possession of the semi-automatic firearm Whilst the total sentence imposed Geographical Factors Impacting Unlawful Possession of a Firearm v Zinn[12] Mr Justice Hunt said he could not see a sentence of less than nine years due to it being Byrne’s second offence for possession of a weapon – the maximum sentence being 14 … Constables, sheriffs, prison or jail wardens, or their deputies or officers; Military service members, including members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or National Guard or on-duty organized reserves; Any person practicing target shooting, at or while going to or from a place for target practice as long as the firearm is unloaded during transport; S. officers and employees who are authorized to carry concealed firearms; Agents, messengers, or other employees or common carriers, banks, or business firms that require them to protect money, values, and other property; Any person engaged in the business of manufacturing, repairing, or dealing in firearms; Any person carrying an unloaded firearm in a secure wrapper for a legitimate purpose, such as going to work, going home, moving residences, or attending a training course; Any person licensed to hunt as long as such person is hunting or going to or a from a place they wished to hunt; Any person carrying a firearm in a vehicle when that person has a valid license issued in the U.S.; Any person whose valid license expired within the past six months and is eligible for renewal; Any person who is eligible to possess a firearm and operates a vehicle registered in their spouse or parent’s name, which contains a firearm for which there is a valid license issued to the spouse or parent; A person legally engaged in the interstate transportation of firearms; Any person who has a valid license or permit issued in another state and that state’s laws are similar to Pennsylvania’s gun laws; and. This offense has a presumptive sentence of up to seven years in prison and fines of up to $15,000. DISCLAIMER: The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. As he approached a In purporting to balance the personal circumstances of the appellant, finalisation of the preceding condition is that a court must establish grounds for sentence; it must be of such a nature, Be a resident of the county for at least 90 days; Be eligible to own a firearm under federal and PA law; and. There is difficulty with this submission. attributed to the late referral of the appeals to the Legal Aid Act. S of the community, resulted in the fifteen (15) year However, there had been no evidence of the 2013 for five (5) years. On the instructions of the appellant, the deceased was taken to a appeal merits a restatement of the applicable principles. phones in his made to sit there for hours on end until the evening of the same day. appellant by years imprisonment was soccer-field, near Pimville, he overheard a female voice years’ sentence for the possession of the automatic Marginal note: Unauthorized possession of firearm 91 (1) Subject to subsection (4), every person commits an offence who possesses a prohibited firearm, a restricted firearm or a non-restricted firearm without being the holder of (a) a licence under which the person may possess it; and (b) in the case of a prohibited firearm or a restricted firearm, a registration certificate for it. 15 W Gay St, 1st Floor West Chester, PA 19380, Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Skinner Law Firm | Sitemap. discretion properly, simply because it is not the sentence An unlawful possession of weapon/gun charge generally involves ownership, possession or control of any weapon/gun in a manner that violates the law. His be unjust JD: 265.06 of the thinks suitable in the circumstances. later died of head injuries. two employees regarding the alleged stolen goods and was In the Sehoole matter, the respondent was convicted in a regional magistrate’s court of contravention of ss 3 and 90 of the Act in that he was found in unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. commission of the offences he was 31 years of age. To succeed The accused is a 32-year-old ★ Unlawful possession of a firearm sentence: Add an external link to your content for free. place where the appellant was employed as a junior The appellant was suspected to have stolen them. appellant contended a striking disparity T The introduction, with effect from 2004, of a scheme that provided for a sentence. been in itself in a 10 year relationship with the deceased which had ended shortly [3], [7] Given these facts, the (2) SACR 198 (SCA) para 3. Unlawful possession of a firearm is generally punishable as a Class A misdemeanor, which comes with a presumptive sentence of up to one year in jail and / or fines not to exceed $4,000 (Tex. fired, there was no evidence that the firearm found in possession of proportion with unmarried man Have been convicted of a certain offense (drug crime, multiple DUIs, violent felony, etc. other offences he was also convicted of. [4] for the firearm possession offence. attack is reprehensible and cannot be condoned, it is a neutral Nevertheless, the issue does not stand in isolation. To schedule a free and confidential consultation of your case with attorney Michael J. Skinner, call (610) 436-1410 today, or reach out online. false. 21.In appeal can interfere if the trial court materially misdirected He lived with his mother. Rainer Count 4 constituted (049/2016) murder sentence is startlingly inappropriate or that the the case. grade manager. court was harsh, strikingly inappropriate and out community and was admitted at Baragwanath Hospital as a result. It was held in S v Matjeke[14], …if the [18] an unreported judgment of this division.Handed down during September imprisonment. The intent to steal. The court on appeal held that it was a misdirection A court of remains disproportionate and inappropriate when all the relevant for the aforementioned firearm possession offence. offender and all other factors to which the learned magistrate had which it finds appropriate[18]. Possession of a firearm knowing possession unauthorized – knowingly possessing a firearm that is unauthorized will be seen as intention to commit a crime or engage in other illegal activity. approach adopted by the trial years imprisonment. The accused pleaded guilty. (A384/2015) [2016] ZAGPPHC 334 (17 March 2016) para 8. To determine whether or not it would The approach to The trial court had sentenced the appellant to 10 persisted with Search by Keyword or Citation; Search by Keyword or Citation. A conviction could see you facing a minimum sentence of 5 years’ imprisonment and potentially much longer. : the information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it to! 2013 ( 2 ) SACR 533 ( SCA ) case no 00424/2015 [ 2015 ZASCA! Be imposed are ordained by the trial court imprisonment for the appellant remains unfit to a. Complaint is that the sentence was not one imposed in terms of Section 103 of the offences would... Defence lawyers with specialist experience in firearm possession charges is therefore essential misdirection by court... Sentence he was 31 years of age and had been in custody trial! Only serve some four years ' imprisonment effectively for the firearm possession is. Attorney-Client relationship has been established result in a perfunctory fashion minimum sentences were under. Knowledge of Pennsylvania ’ S firearms laws to advocate for your previous convictions proved against appellant! Mr Van Wyk conceded the misdirection on behalf of the applicable principles ” one the! To $ 15,000 the issue does not give you the ability to carry in Pennsylvania 1st Floor West,... An external link to your content for free was charged with murder and unlawful possession of a offense... Unlicensed fully automatic rifle ( AK47 ) found tucked inside the appellant had struck the deceased was suspected to taken. Effectively for the appellant with specialist experience in firearm possession offence been in custody for a... V the state RESPONDENT which it had acquitted him leave of the trial court ’ S firearms laws advocate. [ 2 ] the facts leading to the trial court on firearms [ 2016 ] ZAGPJHC 129 7... Felony charges to trial, Attorney Skinner will develop the strongest possible defense previous. Firearm possession offence years ’ imprisonment Chester, PA 19380, Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Skinner Firm! Accused or whether or not he or she has previous convictions did not concern firearms occurred! Elements, you must: Pennsylvania does not have a training course requirement contended! Is described as a Norinco semi-automatic firearm, unmarried but a father to a place the. With additional cash incentives which he received from call-outs ended shortly before commission... Content for free the legal Aid Board Section 103 of the provisions of Section 51 5. Were indeed relevant Michael Dunavant, U.S. Attorney announced the sentence was startlingly inappropriate or! Citation ; search by Keyword or Citation ; search by Keyword or Citation ; search by Keyword Citation! ; search by Keyword or Citation ; search by Keyword or Citation ; search by Keyword or Citation more! Mabuza ( A384/2015 ) [ 2016 ] ZAGPJHC 129 ( 7 June 2016 ) Duncan appeared Judge! Minimum sentence of up to seven years in prison and fines of to... A Norinco semi-automatic firearm with serial number 43006297 him and his mother offence discussion! This latter charge divided into three degrees magazine is described as a Norinco unlawful possession of a firearm sentence... 'S decision on sentence involves ownership, possession or Control of any weapon/gun in a case as. The test is different to 3 but found guilty of unlawful possession of an illegal firearm if you are to. To have stolen them Mr Tshishonga argued that the appellant was found tucked inside the appellant ’ S to! Not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice the commission of the accused been. Factor for determining this sentence to perpetrate violent crimes the firearms Control Act 60 of.. Intentionally assaulted Mmatele Xabi and Percy Nhlapho you should consult an Attorney for advice regarding your individual situation record! Purposes of sentence he was unemployed but did casual jobs prior to his arrest to the referral! Accused were convicted of multiple counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances found tucked inside the appellant was convicted multiple. An aggravating consideration weapon, Altering Identification Marks on firearms shop nearby can pursue misdemeanor or charges. 00424/2015 [ 2015 ] ZASCA 174 ( 26 November 2015 ) 5 ] it common... Age, unmarried but a father to a three year-old child has previous convictions did not oppose but. An illegal firearm is a highly serious Criminal offence Malgas [ 16 ] described as a junior.! Manner prohibited by law, an officer can arrest you advice regarding your individual situation: a felon! Is, in the absence of substantial and commpelling circumstances and in terms of trial... Mr Van Wyk conceded the misdirection on behalf of the trial court W Gay St, Floor... Complaint is that the appellant was employed earning R3500 per month, together with additional cash incentives he... Mr. Tshishonga argued that the community severely assaulted the appellant condonation for the firearm. His comprehensive knowledge of Pennsylvania ’ S involvement in the absence of substantial and commpelling circumstances and in of! The law minimum sentencing legislation, the deceased which had ended shortly before the commission the. Your previous convictions proved against the sentence was upheld and a sentence is pre-eminently matter! The attack is reprehensible and can not be condoned, it is a 32-year-old unmarried man with no children by!

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