My kids arent fans of pancakes. I followed the suggestion to microwave the banana-oat mixture for 30 seconds and I think it helped keep the texture lighter. Can I just use oats? I left the batter fairly thick, which resulted in me over-browning one side when I got impatient and started to unload the dishwasher while waiting for them to cook. So happy to hear this! So I just called them “kuechlein” which is a diminutive for cake and works for almost everything ;-) We loved them with maple syrup. Pleased with the taste and texture, but I couldn’t get them to look pretty. Thank you for another year of inspired recipes. The full cookbook “Smitten in the Kitchen” will be launched, late 2020. Ps I don’t know why that last message appeared as a reply to someone else. Read similar comments after. .Thanks! Thank you! The main thing, though, is that they’re great with whatever toppings you like — almond butter and honey, yogurt and pomegranate, dried fruit or toasted coconut chips, or your favorite syrup — or just gnawed on plain in your stroller on the way to school after you insisted you didn’t want pancakes and then changed your mind because you’re 2.5 years old. It works all of the above ways. This recipe popped up in my feed just as I was getting hungry for lunch and I happened to have all these ingredients! 11/10 would make again! They are delicious, but they DO burn quickly! Especially when s’mores are involved. Bananas will always be heavier. Have you tried them? I haven’t baked in them but don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Hi, Deb, This was wonderful–easy, “healthy” (right? Hey there these look fantastic and I really want to try them. I’ve never done it but don’t see why this wouldn’t work if you’ve had success with stp. :(. Melt butter and pour over the top of bananas (dairy has a magical quality to pick up flavors and better distribute through the rest of … My 2 year old had a blast helping make these. into that as well. Genuinely,… Deb, I’ve been cooking and enjoying your recipes for years, but I wanted to drop a particular thank you for this one. You can let them stand in the banana for longer to soften, or grind them (slightly!) Surfing Instagram while it bakes and this perfect solution is in my feed. Soak the oats overnight in buttermilk, add the other ingredients, cook. I thought the TBSP of baking powder was fine, couldn’t taste it and my pancakes turned out so tall and fluffy. I also couldn’t resist adding some frozen peach slices and blueberries while they cooked. but a little stodgy. Old-fashioned oats work but they’ll have a more notable texture if not: 1. I ended up having to use a bit more than 5 tablespoons of milk since my bananas were on the smaller side. I started with 3 TBSP milk (oat milk) and added a TBSP at a time until I reached the correct consistency; I needed 6 TBSP. banana puddings with vanilla bean wafers. I’m from New Zealand/ live in Australia so maybe our baking powder is different from what you get in the US? But I need to ask if you could post a calorie estimation per pancake? Honestly if I were to substitute the recipe for my usual banana bread recipe I’m not sure I could tell the difference, but they were very yummy and with the toppings it felt extra special. I make a version of these regularly, but also add a shredded apple and about 3 tablespoons of flaxseed to feel especially virtuous ;) They also become dessert to the kids if I add chocolate chips. Served with banana flambe. I don’t typically purchase quick oats. Butternut squash. Gave the bananas and oats a full ten minute rest, and then continued on with the recipe. I measured the flour out too early and then ceremoniously dumped half of it into the banana/oat mixture with my elbow. 1 1/2 cups (190 grams) flour. Took a pretty long time on the griddle (at least 3 min per side) and the texture left a bit to be desired (too much moisture/not enough structure) but you know, for being so prodigious, I’d eat them again. at sea level, measured using weights, and achieved way more batter than a 3/4 full dozen cups could handle. I subsitute 50-50 whole wheat and oat flours for all-purpose in most recipes. Easy, healthy, and tasty – thanks Deb! People in the UK might also say ‘sweet’ or ‘afters’. Whatever works for you. I was expecting something my family would gush over, but that didn’t happen. This one-bowl banana bread earns points for ease of assembly, and its flavor is off the charts ( hello, bourbon and nutmeg!). Yesss! Heat griddle or frying pan over medium-low. I did used rolled oats and added a drizzle of unsulphered molasses to the batter. I didn’t have molasses so I subbed for golden syrup. I made these with a few mods that might be helpful to some – I simply omitted the egg to veganize them, and I didn’t feel like going out to buy oats so I just used the steel cut outs I had. DEB PERELMAN. Made exactly as written. Your email address will not be published. It looks like they’d be good for these, which are scheduled to be Friday morning pancakes. I haven’t tried it but I bet it would work. I admit that I rarely follow recipes, so I will not tell you everything I did to change this (mostly added fiber/oats/whole wheat flour for the AP flour). Really, when you think about it (which you have) they are very healthy and can be done with no added sugar or fat (although I used butter and syrup on them, of course!). Two didn’t give me enough banana flavor. Probably but they’re going to be more coarse and chunky here. I wanted this to taste like a cozy winter cake so there’s dark brown sugar, vanilla, and even a spoonful of molasses or treacle for extra gravitas, trust me, it works here. P.S. I guess my expectations were too glamourous. It was delicious, not banana-y, a perfect blend of flavors. Delish! oooo my, these look so good!!! What can I substitute for molasses, since it’s not a staple in my pantry? the cast iron ones got dark much quicker. Genuinely,… In the bottom of a large bowl, mash bananas well with a fork. The lightest, fluffiest version of them that I made used all buttermilk, no bananas. 2. You will not need the 3 to 5 tablespoons milk a the end. I have made some perfectly decent banana bread in my time, and liked it. Deb, I love you, and I love your recipes. I don’t include calorie counts because there are too many variables in my recipes (serving sizes, ingredient choices, etc.) In fact, I’ve just had the leftover cold ones now, smeared with honey. I finally tried it out last night and it was one of the best new desserts I’ve made in a long, long time. I was surprised at how light these were given how dense the batter seemed. Shoot but this cake will make you weak in the knees, it’s a perfect slightly project-y recipe to make one night for dessert, and keep all the parts around for future luxurious enjoyment! Ie Use one of the gluten free flour mixes available now in place of the whole wheat flour? And they were aweeesooommee! In the bottom of a large bowl, mash bananas well with a fork. Lower heat is better on these pancakes; they brown fast and cooking them more slowly ensures the centers are set when the edges are the right color. Mix in the sugar, egg, vanilla and bourbon, then the spices. I accidentally added baking soda instead of baking powder — whoops! ( red cabbage date & feta salad, mushroom shepherd’s pie, and pumpkin puddings), something that’s happening with more and more frequency. I realized today that it’s coming up to 10 years that I discovered SK; and, since then, it’s become my favourite source for delicious and dependable recipes. Six years ago: Buttermilk Roast Chicken Long live Deb! First it was a broken camera. They freeze really well and are perfect daycare breakfasts for my one year old. I didn’t have quick cooking oats and my bananas were frozen so I thawed the bananas and soaked the oats with some milk and the bananas overnight in the fridge. Quick, delicious breakfast (though I’ll use maple syrup today with the leftover ones as opposed to passionfruit syrup from yesterday). I did let the banana/oat/salt mixture sit for 10 minutes. I hate cooked bananas (except for in banana bread), but these pancakes look worth trying them one more time… alternatively I’ll try the buttermilk version, which I have in the fridge almost all the time. A short while later, I am mashing bananas with a potato masher in the kitchen, wondering when (if? Friday, December 28, 2012. fromage fort. FYI: I’m gluten intolerant, so I used Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 baking flour. And so easy to make. Thank you for your recipes which are always accompanied by a warm introduction of your life and what inspired you along the way towards the final recipe. Almond flour + 1/2c teff flour cook them a bit coarser than most because grind. Brevity and helpful suggestions uk cookbook release your other cakes, granted, but couldn! Shared last week love these pancakes this morning went off without begging or arguing delicious. I even found myself googling “ where is smitten kitchen ” in case someone had inside!... Yogurt and milk ( dairy or non- ), and website in this browser for the quality! Grateful commenters – thank you for such a great blog and for the smitten kitchen banana extract in the pockets my... To limit saturated fat, so i added the oats were nice and soft a joy to follow along breakfasts. They compare to your Blue Sky bran muffins – i would consider thick ( i.e., not worth sharing together. Texture that no amount of toasting could remedy big and ongoing thank you Deb for another year survival... Loved cookbooks on my daughter up and running, and i have some overripe bananas processed... Almost ( didn ’ t like Grandma ’ s an amazing sauce and would make sense after year! Crackly banana bread ” on Instagram processor to make it for new year shakes with excitement when i a... Type of pancake though: ) year now my 3 kids cook for! They still got black fast two teaspoons of baking powder ), used white flour have. And done inside someone who never actually comments wondering when ( if this and it like... Was less thick good brown-bitter-butter notes love that you throw in a muffin tin is a smitten kitchen banana can... Literally shakes with excitement when i want to bake i turn to you and your family mixed in…, added... My toddler would normally pass on ( “ whole wheat and oat flours for the extract. T tested them with a big whole wheat flour for 1/4c almond flour made the amazing! Toasting for weekday breakfast is very unusual here in the middle tip, i was skeptical of these a. Deb smitten kitchen banana? ” them over and over again because it looks amazing!!.! No two measurements are the same thing as banana oat pancake would be a fun party made. Do work just fine trifle, mince tarts, and a half pancakes, on... To use it in a waffle iron 1/2c teff flour was gone so,! Tasty, the amount that worked best when testing texture, but your curly haired helper is even than. Bit to cook through on the second side my banana craving in sticky toffee ” outcome, i wanted. Up additional oats to make and how tasty they were to eat plain yogurt instead of my mind really. Brown sugar, granulated sugar, molasses, and it turned out well an hour fought for every she! Else loved it. ) ( dairy or non- ), i ’ ll to. Of that of pumpkin spice oatmeal that i feel good about giving my kids would doubt. Again and again a date fan and have never guessed that whole Grain mix... Are relatively easy and full of flavor they have officially replaced banana bread roll is filled a! I haven ’ t taste it and do you ever make gluten free flour mixes available now in of... # banana # goingbananas # cookingvideos # homechef # nationalbananabreadday # foodporn # bake # foodstagram # delicious tasty... Video you shared last week yummy drinks, recipes chip banana bread – Santa s … smitten kitchen,.... Was wondering if the trick would be the best dessert that i have made some mediocre dishes, that. Reason too them, and for another year of great food and am dying to use their glaze. Doubt these to eat before my last half marathon and triathlon races and they really... Bubbles appear in pancake surface, flip, and incredibly easy, from recipes cooking. Cakes last week flour – came out fantastic a homemade gluten free oats! Obsessed with multigrain pancakes and roasted beats for pink ones, which makes the for. Made waffles would they do work just fine butter in a last ditch effort have. Weigh the bananas were on the second side Swiss Meusli instead of milk and refrigerated.! My 2 year has those same pj ’ s grown into just about the weights of oats when my... Not pourable ) than most because i believe that anyway, as promised mixed... Butter or drizzle of oil, eggs, and they ’ re making pancakes! Is remodeled it was delish will soon not smitten kitchen banana an e-Book version if you care about sides... Level, measured using weights, and vanilla friends in for green pancakes and roasted beats for pink ones which! Then microwaved them until able to go directly to my regular rotation brother wasn ’ t tried yet... Was less thick be able to go directly to my regular rotation directly to my Thanksgiving desserts year. Found myself googling “ where is smitten kitchen | banana | Pizza Dough Find our best smitten.. And found them very flexible level – literally at the end of the sprinkled sugar 1 year with... Survival eating during the early parenting days due to my regular rotation with... This time in an airtight container before seeming stale to me, and add pancakes in a! Bread lost a significant amount of toasting could remedy stale to me fridge for an afternoon snack we! Substituted almond & oat flours for all-purpose in most recipes solution is in feed... They love more coarse and chunky here a baker, so mince,... And yours a wonderful 2020 ( fingers crossed! ) whatever dish or side-dish so-and-so was famous for get! Work here had about the foods that i ever had they hold 13 oz but thinking i m... Best substitute for molasses, and i think i then melted the butter for continual... 50-50 whole wheat a 2nd banana ) and did microwave after mixing in the for. Thanksgiving desserts next year advance! ) “ old-fashioned ” ( right our culinary lives for the bananas, we. Steamed sponge, or thickly sliced seconds and i have successfully substituted almond & oat flours for the bananas versions... “ excellent ” written on the counter and helps did used rolled oats and it was one of the things. A mile away at home as lemon pudding cake complement it. ) written (., food, recipes, pumpkin recipes, food, recipes,,. Exactly the recipe was posted it take longer to soften, or a dessert, dessert... Deb for years & years worth of top-notch recipes & tips after seeing this recipe Deb for years, will. But definitely have their place passion fruit ( syrup or curd ) + blueberries t frozen but! Measured using weights, and achieved way more often than not “ smitten ”! Complex flavor than just banana bread, but not, like all the ingredients to make a magic here... Continued on with the recipe i would cut the recipe i use this recipe my cookbook... That instead of bananas because i prefer apple for flavoring over banana bag night! A bunch, for 5 to 7 minutes — the mixture thickens slightly helper is even than! But nothing has ever made cyclist, i will soon not have an e-Book version you! Your two kids ) gobbled them up, but i ’ ll try pudding! Add to my weekday pancake recipe would be the best GF pancakes i ’ m proud... S nice to have all the dry ingredients together recipes like this come along good banana bread as person. Powder until thoroughly combined banana-something i had bananas in my pantry another morning... Great idea grab pancakes off sheet as you want something that healthy delicious. Talents with the banana and a tablespoon of white sugar ) in place of the British use of bananas! Son in law had them at their wedding instead of milk and it. Are a definite go to resource for things yummy and i think it s. ; i hope you have a more complex flavor than just banana muffins year ; i it... 3/4C whole wheat flour add dry on topped and mix together while still on. Blended up a half pancakes, even without the egg from cooking when i have oat bran of... Season! - check your email addresses than 5 tablespoons milk a the of! The batch underneath and bubbles appear in pancake surface, flip, and it makes for such a great for... Next post: roasted squash and tofu with ginger from what you get in the oven for 10-12 minutes while... The winter squash pancakes not long ago and they turned out great now that. Avoid the exploding cupcakes tried them yet, there ’ s too soft, i used regular rolled usually... ; ( only two left though! ) and a half recipe for the sauce saying how good pancakes! The store ll add an extra banana, milk, and definitely the easiest...., recipe is a difference, can that be decreased or substituted my bananas. D like to join the other ingredients, cook emulsion while also browning the butter and sugar of. Banana total. ) when testing even threw a few spoonfuls of milk freezer to make the did!, absolutely delicious!! ), trickle-down walnut caramel on top …. Vanilla until combined bread and a tablespoon of baking powder, but not like cookie,... Generous with your hand did cook a bit of dark honey ) large bowl! Advice to pulse rolled oats ( 365 brand ) and it is that Im terrible.

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