He put his arm around Korra as she leaned on him, watching as Amon rose into the air on his water spout. While he carried Korra in his arms, he bypassed everybody, even Bolin, and focused his attention solely on Korra in that moment, greatly upsetting Asami.[16]. Aang helped guide Korra after she lost her memory. With Korra: Book Two underway, IGN catches up with P.J. When he was eight, Mako witnessed the death of his parents at the hands of a firebender, leaving him and Bolin orphaned on the streets. [5] Knowing Mako was hot on his trail, Varrick attempted to put him under his employ, implying that something might befall Asami and Bolin if he declined.[6]. [14] Tonraq later apologized to Korra, and expressed his support for her and her relationship.[15]. Some time later, Korra gave herself up to Zaheer in order to save the Air Nation, which resulted in her being poisoned with mercury in an attempt to destroy her and the Avatar Cycle. After the truth was revealed that it was Kai who was the outlaw and the five men to be police officers, Korra still did not give up on Kai, stating that he only needed guidance to change and convinced Tenzin and the policemen to release the young airbender into their custody. Although she managed to gain the upper hand in the Avatar State, she lost the fight when she hallucinated Kuvira to have her head in the Avatar State. [33], Later on when Korra was kidnapped, Mako displayed visible agitation and disbelief at her disappearance. Korra did not know much of the city policy in regards to dealing with criminals. [30] Bolin found Korra attractive from the moment he saw her, but she only viewed him as a friend, even after he brought her a cupcake and a rose as gifts for saving him from Amon. Mako stopped Wu from freaking out after he awoke inside a luggage chest due to being kidnapped. Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora were generally friendly toward Korra. Almost immediately, Mako wrapped his arms around Korra's waist and pulled her in for a kiss and Korra placed her hands on her new husband's shoulders as … [5] After Korra lost most of her bending abilities to Amon, and Team Avatar traveled to the South Pole, Tonraq and Senna anxiously awaited alongside their daughter's friends to see if Katara was able to return Korra's bending, and they later witnessed with pride how their daughter successfully restored Lin Beifong's bending abilities. Both were eventually sent out of the ring, and although Mako won the match with a hat trick, he chastised Hasook for his poor play, thinking the waterbender to be useless. While chided by Tonraq for her rashness, Korra, upon reaching safety, revealed the truth and offered her help to oppose Unalaq. After coming to his senses, he became very determined to find her, almost beating up an Equalist in order to obtain a lead to Korra's whereabouts. Korra, believing Hou-Ting would turn over information about Ba Sing Se's airbenders, agreed to retrieve her tax payments. The general readily agreed to help, though before they could make plans of any sort, President Raiko intervened and threatened to have Iroh court-martialed if a single ship left the harbor. When they arrived on Air Temple Island, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo gave Mako and Bolin a tour. He displayed a great deal of faith in his brother's abilities, entrusting him to land a shot on P'Li's forehead during a stressful situation[8] and encouraging him to metalbend the bars of their cell in the Earth Kingdom. What does the average soldier (non-bender) use for weapons in Legend of Korra? [12] Although the airbender was imprisoned, Korra remained mentally affected by him. Jinora later took on the role of Korra's spiritual mentor, though her young age sparked a protective streak in Korra once in the Spirit World and the Avatar became worried about her safety upon being separated from her. Korra tended to lean on Mako for support and advice, though they also enjoyed more relaxed and romantic times together. Mako was one of the most recurring supporting characters in the Legend Of Korra story. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Navigation 6 References Korra first met Mako when his brother Bolin brought her into the arena to watch the match. [42], During the attempted kidnapping of Korra, Suyin devised a plan with Lin to rescue Korra from the clutches of the Red Lotus. The confrontation resulted in the destruction of Tarrlok's office, as well as other parts of City Hall. By: MidnightFantasies. At first, Korra had a good relationship with her paternal uncle. The three made their way underground to save the investigating party. Tarrlok immediately apologized for his actions toward Korra and the rest of Team Avatar, and revealed to the two that Amon was his brother. When Korra confessed her true romantic feelings to him, Mako turned her down, using his own romantic relationship with Asami as an excuse. Zuko is crowned Fire Lord, and you see that he and Mai get back together. He said that he would start over, but take Korra with him as a hostage. The series has been continued as a comics series. The Legend of Korra Spoiler | Why did Tarrlok try to take over Republica? What Are Your "Avatar: The Last Airbender" And "Legend Of Korra" Opinions? Having to accompany him wherever he went and witnessing Wu's many quirks, Mako soon grew annoyed with the prince and could not wait until the royal would return to Ba Sing Se. Mako was one of the most recurring supporting characters in the Legend Of Korra story. Unlike his younger brother, who had developed a loose mutual respect for Ghazan, Mako saw them as nothing more than criminals who needed to be stopped. Korra's cousins, Desna and Eska, have a mutual low opinion of Korra, despite her position as the Avatar. Regardless, she continued to deny her fear of Amon, forcing herself into emotional dismay. The story provided Korra and Mako with critical information needed to expose Amon as a bender. Although she initially prepared to battle him, she trusted him enough to hold a non-threatening conversation after he offered her the opportunity to talk, since neither of them had their bending abilities at that moment.[51]. After the attack ended, the Equalists had already conquered the city. He also told Asami that they could not let the four take her. Mako and Bolin found Korra and the others unconscious, about to be taken to Amon on Hiroshi's orders. [11] When that battle left Korra severely injured,[12] both Tonraq and Senna were instrumental in caring for her during her recovery, although they expressed worry over her physical and mental health. ... Legend of Korra, The Shoutbox. As Korra walked out of the room highly disappointed, he followed in an attempt to reassure her. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Mako 5.2 Asami Sato 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. [23] Despite her attitude, Toph agreed to help train Korra, in which she thoroughly enjoyed smacking her the Avatar around, showing no sensitivity in her methods and flat-out pointing out her mistakes in combat. Will the next avatar after Legend of Korra be able to master all four elements? He confessed his love for her, but due to the loss of her connection with the other elements, she could not respond properly and left in sadness. He told Mako that Bolin was paid a lot of yuans to help the Triple Threat Triad, which disturbed Mako. After threatening him, he finally told her about "the Revelation".[31]. After Korra formed suspicions about Hiroshi working with the Equalists, she questioned Asami about her father's background. Korra and Mako grew worried about him, and ended up searching for Bolin at the Triple Threat Triad's headquarters. Makorra is the het ship between Mako and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom. Upon discovery that Aiwei was the mole who aided Zaheer and his gang in infiltrating the city, Suyin went against Lin's orders and provided Team Avatar with the resources to track down Aiwei and bring him back, earning a warm hug and thanks from the Avatar.[43]. Her predecessor is Avatar Aang. [30] Tenzin reassured her that she could tell him anything, to which Korra admitted her fears of Amon, crying in his arms while he comforted her after her frightening encounter with the Equalists' leader. Browse through and read or take legend of korra stories, quizzes, and other creations. Korra asked how this was possible, and Aang told her, "When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change". The Legend of Korra is an American animated television series that aired on the Nickelodeon television network from 2012 to 2014. Meditating together, Korra was plagued by another vision of Zaheer's past attempt to murder her. Korra first met Suyin Beifong when she traveled to Zaofu, home of the Metal Clan, to recruit a new airbender. Asami also said she did not mind and in fact had known for a while. However, despite admitting that he had deep feelings for Korra, he also had such feelings for Asami, leaving him confused and unsure of how to handle this. Mako stood in with his family for a photo when he was young. Korra first met Varrick when the two attended a meeting at Korra's parents' house to discuss the Northerners' presence in the Southern Water Tribe. [1], Hasook is the former waterbending member of the Fire Ferrets. Mako and Korra's relationship is strained once again when Korra begins to suspect Hiroshi Sato of being an Equalist. Mako is skilled enough to generate lightning and redirect it. Korra regards Naga as her "best friend", and takes her almost everywhere she goes. The reunion is cut short when the Air Nomads are attacked by Triple Threats at the Spirit Portal. Korra was reluctant to undertake action against Kuvira, as she had much respect for the woman and understood where she was coming from. He gently laid her down on Oogi and softly touched her face, telling her she was safe now to which she smiled back. Before he could, however, Amon showed up and took Tarrlok's bending away, allowing Korra to escape.[34]. Follow/Fav The Wedding. Toza is a former pro-bender and current gym manager at the Pro-bending Arena. Mako readily accepted it, and the two brothers shared a hug, rekindling their relationship. He continued to describe her as the most loyal, brave, and self-less person he has ever known. Marry Your Favorite Character Online. As such, Tarrlok was a valuable ally in the destruction of the Anti-bending Revolution.[39]. Korra is the titular main protagonist of the television series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Asami confessed that she had kissed him while the two had broken up. Bolin allowed Korra entrance into the Pro-bending Arena by telling Toza that she was with him. Korra asserted her position as the Avatar in response to Tarrlok's attempt to convince her to rejoin his task force. In "Unexpected", Mako asked Korra to marry him, and now their wedding has finally arrived. Later, Tenzin and Korra communicated with each other via the radio. Later, as they were preparing to leave to rescue Korra and the imprisoned airbenders, Mako thanked Kai for coming back to help them and apologized for having been hard on him before, although the two of them jokingly agreed that Kai had deserved it. When Mako's parents died, he was left orphaned on the streets along with his younger brother. Korra and Asami shared a kiss while on a romantic getaway in the Spirit World. When Bolin was missing, Mako and Korra went to Skoochy for information, and he did help them, at the cost of a few yuans on Mako's part. Shortly afterward, he quickly let go, realizing the awkwardness of it, though emphasized nonetheless how happy he was to see her. [5], Soon after their break up, Korra was attacked by a dark spirit, which caused her to lose part of her memory, including her split with Mako. Another is … Yes, she is. RELATED: 8 Things The Legend Of Korra Does Better Than Avatar: The Last Airbender. After sharing one last kiss, they went their separate ways. The two got along quite well and when Korra asked about the fate of his parents, Mako felt comfortable to tell her the truth. When they met during the Glacier Spirits Festival in 171 AG, they greeted each other respectfully and warmly. ... You are the adopted sister of Mako and Bolin. Mako confronted Amon alongside Korra. [13] It was only after he and Bolin traveled to Ba Sing Se and met their paternal family that Mako felt comfortable giving up the item of clothing, leaving it to Yin. Still viewing her as "kind of prissy", Korra was, at first, expecting Asami to make the group to do something stereotypically "girly", but when Asami suggested that they go to her family's racetrack and offered the Avatar to ride with her in a race, Korra suddenly gained a newfound respect for Asami and even admitted that she was wrong about her. Later, at Gommu's hideout, the two, along with the rest of Team Avatar, devised a plan to ground Hiroshi's new line of aircrafts as to enable the safe arrival of the next wave of naval reinforcements. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars – Part One, the new graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics, reveals that Avatar Kyoshi of the Earth Kingdom was bisexual.. He quickly picked up Korra, running from the room. The Legend of Korra ended with Raiko surrendering his city to Kuvira, a move that did little to endear him to citizens. Under the impression that the young airbender was being chased by outlaws, she readily defended him against the five men pursuing him. Korra told him to go away, and after saying that he would, he let her know that he would always be there for her. [7] Yet, relationships set aside, the two seemed to be back as good friends in time to help Korra defeat Vaatu. They look down on her for being from the Southern Water Tribe, and Korra in turn finds them to be annoying, creepy, and "smell like a grandma's attic". When she woke up, Amon approached her directly. Time to decide which series is actually better once and for all. When Senna revealed that they knew Korra would eventually no longer need them, the Avatar insisted that she still needed them and the family shared a hug, only for the moment to be interrupted by Unalaq, who arrested Tonraq and Senna. I have no problems with Episode 6. [51], Two weeks after her defeat of Zaheer, Raiko formally welcomed Korra back to Republic City, thanking her for stopping the Red Lotus and apologizing for the way their relationship had previously ended. After Asami told her father about Mako's situation, he told Mako that he too came from "humble beginnings" as a shoe shiner with just an idea: the Satomobile. Korra was comforted by Asami after facing pressure from the Republic City press. [13], Mako later learned that Korra was suspicious that Hiroshi was helping the Equalists, but originally thought that it was not true, and Korra was just thinking this out of jealousy. I think that “Book 3: Change” and “Book 4: Balance” really put the focus on Korra’s evolution, and the pivot to Korrasami begins there. Korra learned presumably everything Katara knew about the art, save for bloodbending. While on the ship, Mako told Asami about he and Korra's split. Before Korra disappeared down the tunnel, she cast a sad look back at Mako. Mako, daunted by the night-long search, was frustrated by Bolin's disappearance, however, Korra promptly assured Mako that they would find his brother. Amon, born as Noatak, is one of the main antagonists of The Legend of Korra, serving as the main antagonist of Book One: Air and as a posthumous antagonist for the remainder of the series. In the episode, Enter The Void, ... new version of fuck marry kill. Later that night, Korra was sitting awake by Naga when Mako sat down next to her, asking if she could not sleep either. He looked down out of guilt and shame because of accusing her of formulating lies and threatening to end their friendship earlier. [38] Even though Korra managed to merge with Raava again, the connection to the past Avatars was lost.[4]. Unsure, Mako gently rejected her and told her that he did not feel the same way and he was with Asami. 6 years ago. Later, however, he discovered that Hiroshi was in fact an Equalist, upsetting him deeply. Makorra. However, they appeared to reconcile prior to him leaving with Korra to face Amon, as he told her that he would always care about her.[14]. He was greatly upset when Amon took away Korra's bending, but was able to resist Amon's bloodbending and blasted him with lightning. When the metalbender snapped that she had been merely trying to help her people in the absence of the Avatar, Korra understood that Kuvira had only been trying to create a place where she and her people would never have to feel vulnerable again and sympathized with the hardships that come from a life as an orphan. This section is in need of major improvement. After escaping Kuvira's men, Mako good-heartedly noted that getting on each other's nerves was just like old times for him and Korra, before they shared a warm embrace. Korra and Asami shared a bedroom together in Zaofu where Asami talked about their own doubts, and began to go to bed together before they were interrupted by Suyin.[29]. Unable to tell her that their argument broke off their relationship, Mako told her the fight had not been that bad. Also, Mako has expressed romantic interest with Asami which they have been on and off again too. The firebender soon overheard triad members talking about the operation being a setup, and the two escaped from the ship, barely outrunning triad members in pursuit. Comments Add a … [26] Later, as Korra prepared to surrender herself to the Red Lotus in an effort to save the Air Nomads, she gave Mako a farewell hug, which he happily returned. [11] Despite his irritation with the prince, Mako took his job seriously and never left the royal's side, even when Wu needed to use the facilities. [15], After Lin Beifong busted her, Mako, and Bolin out of jail, Asami ran toward Mako, who asked if she was all right. [3], Six months later, Mako and Bolin's relationship suffered some strain, despite still being mostly positive. He began working for the Triple Threat Triad by running numbers so he could survive and provide for Bolin and himself. ... Mako, and Bolin into thinking they were Korra’s enemies. However, upon discovering the truth about Unalaq's treachery, and the realization he had only been helping her for his own benefit,[16] she severed all ties with him as her spiritual mentor, her respect for her uncle quickly vanishing. She subsequently told Mako to comfort Asami, whom she said really needed him at that moment. Mako later apologized to Korra about not believing her, claiming that Hiroshi as an Equalist was hard to believe, even at that time.[15]. Kai warmly embraced Korra after the latter allowed him to join the group. Katara was born on 85 AG (years after the 100-year war). [4] Later, Mako stared sadly at a photo of him and Korra, reminiscing on the good times he had with her. Korra immediately followed this statement by impulsively kissing him; he was stunned, but kissed her back with equal enjoyment. Despite her reminding the president that she saved the city and its inhabitants from the Dark Avatar, the two remained on poor terms and when Raiko banished Korra because he believed she was creating daily crises, she left the city in reserved frustration with him. He looked away ruefully and moved back, stating that he should too. Having reconciled their differences, the two shared a hug. She entrusted Naga into watching over and taking care of Bolin. [31], When Mako started to date Asami Sato, Korra became jealous of their relationship, as shown when Mako and Asami were showing off their affection for each other, therefore making Korra turn away in disgust.[17]. [5], Five weeks after her battle with Zaheer, Korra sought out Katara's help to recover physically and mentally. Despite their past relationships with Mako, after the Harmonic Convergence Korra and Asami became best friends. Asami in turn was not offended when Korra acknowledged her prejudice against her and this marked a new beginning in their friendship. [1] Mako came to respect her as a friend and felt that he and her shared a powerful connection.[19]. At the next match, when Hasook appeared to be a no-show, Korra filled in as the replacement waterbender. The two waterbenders continued to work with each other and eventually, Korra was able to recover physically.[13]. [8] Later, after Korra escaped from the Earth Queen's forces and Mako found her, the two reunited with a tight embrace. Korra and Bolin enjoyed each other's company while out on a date. At Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding, after Korra thanked him for his role in taking down the Colossus, Mako replied that she did not have to thank him, assured her that he would always be willing to follow her into battle, and that he had her back. Although she also received letters from Mako and Bolin, Korra only wrote back to Asami to confide in her about her fears of being unable to make a full recovery, stating that it was easier to talk to her about it all than to Mako and Bolin, trusting her not to say anything to the brothers. Despite her anger with him, she did offer the rebels a chance to escape without consequences in an attempt to save her father. The brothers accepted, and together they formed their own pro-bending team, the Fire Ferrets. During that time, Asami wrote numerous letters to Korra, telling Korra that she missed her and that Republic City was not the same without her, as well as keeping Korra up-to-date with how her life was going. [13], Even when training for the big Pro-bending Tournament, Mako made time to go out on dates with Asami, and she was present after every match to congratulate him and the team. Though Mako's troubled past has left him emotionally scarred and slightly cynical, he is capable of immense love and sacrifice toward his intimates. Korra and Tenzin reconciled due to the harsh nature of their earlier departure from one another. After Korra was infected by a dark spirit and lost her memories as well as her connection to her Avatar Spirit, Aang appeared before her in a vision, reminding her that she was the Avatar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. who does mako end up with in the legend of korra? He laid her down, and gently brushed her face and the mark on her cheek to reassure her that she was safe. Bolin and Mako reunite with Korra and Asami, who have returned from their vacation in the Spirit World. [23] Despite Mako breaking up with Tonraq's daughter, the two remained on warm terms, with the firebender bowing respectfully to the Southern chief and receiving a welcoming smile back.[26]. The Firebending pro-bender who is bad with relationships . Mako told her that he did not care if she was the Avatar or not, and that when Tarrlok took her he was losing his mind over the thought of never seeing her again. She overheard him trying to persuade a group of nonbenders to support the Equalists. Bolin was in line to get his bending taken away, but Mako, with Korra's help, managed to grab Bolin in time and the three of them managed to escape. [27], Mako was glad to see Korra again after three years of no contact, though grew disappointed and annoyed when he learned that Korra had been in contact with Asami and not him or his brother. By the Legend of Korra, ... was in danger from in this marriage, and she decided to escape with Mako. By Hannah Shaw-Williams Jul 18, 2020 The Legend of Korra 's brooding firebender Mako dated both Korra and Asami (with a little overlap), but the series ends with Korra and Asami falling in love with one another and running away for a romantic vacation in the spirit world. Regardless of the tension and bickering that ensued between the friends, they still managed to work together to save a kidnapped Wu. Upon entering the city, Naga howled, which allowed Team Avatar, Lin, and Tenzin to find them. Ming-Hua (killed by Mako, probably due to unintended use of excessive force) Earth Queen (killed by Zaheer deliberately) So, I can only remember six deaths where only three of them are killed in action by their enemies and a mere two of them are killed with the … The Legend of Korra is a different story from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but is every bit as ambitious and heartfelt. [16], During Harmonic Convergence, Tenzin found an unconscious Korra. Korra said, "You don't have to do that", in somber tone. marry me. When Korra went with Tenzin, Lin Beifong, and members of the Metalbending Police Force to look for Hiroshi's secret factory, he wanted to go with her, but was told to remain with Bolin and Asami, and was watched by a metalbending officer. [17], After refusing to rejoin Tarrlok's task force, the councilman began harboring negative feelings toward Korra. Korra responded by telling him that she was okay, smiled, and rested her head against his chest while he carefully carried her atop Oogi. Regaining consciousness in the Spirit World, Kuvira could not fathom why Korra would save her, so the Avatar explained that it was because she saw a lot of herself in the metalbender, stating that they were both fierce and determined to succeed, sometimes even without thinking things through. Back at Mako, they were supportive of their young daughter, enough so let... Korra ended with Raiko surrendering his City to Kuvira, a move that did little to endear him go... Her teammates were on the team escaped on a number of harmless nonbenders qualifier, nearly forcing Fire... A vivacious and caring young woman whose antics find her both dangerous enemies and loving friends. [ 16 [. Her company begins to suspect Hiroshi Sato lift Korra into the Pro-bending Tournament, after officially asking her out Korra... Does Korra Last have a crush on the City, upon who does mako marry in legend of korra.! Korra noticed his presence, she leapt into his arms for an embrace year of the Southern Water compound... Note, this page is for quotes from the room highly disappointed, he was trying to arrest a number... And Asami only thing he had faith in Korra 's relationship briefly as!, desperate to save her father 's scarf and was deemed a traitor by year. He turned around and fought them entering the City, fighting against other. Korra finally made a connection with Aang when Tarrlok imprisoned her in arms! Admonished them any way she could a smile, and now their wedding has arrived... Before their next match Tahno first met Mako after Bolin saw Korra Mako. That Aang who does mako marry in legend of korra been trying to warn her of Tarrlok 's bending during. He awoke inside a luggage chest due to the building disguised as Equalists who does mako marry in legend of korra still being positive. Young daughter, enough so to let it play out and stop fearing what might have on. Asami became best friends. [ 17 ] later, Bolin visited Mako again in to! Honest with her in her stomach, presumably from nervousness arrested, except for Korra Tahno during the toss! On Oogi and softly touched her face and the Equalists started their siege on Republic City Mako. By running numbers so he could survive and provide for Bolin at the next Avatar after Legend of Korra able! Quizzes, and Bolin to live on Air Temple Island to wait for his return at Korra, the shared... Not part of the young Airbender. hurt when Mako broke up with her spiritual self away Mako touch... Away during the semifinals, restoring their brotherly relationship. [ 34 ] they greeted each other respectfully and.... 'S financial support after the match, Mako was born on 85 AG ( years after argument!, revealed the first time streets along with his younger brother, Bolin admonished them her friendly introduction, she... Which Hiroshi was an Equalist trying to find Bolin together her bedside with a look! To support her in prison, Tarrlok explained his childhood to Korra, believing Hou-Ting would turn over information Ba..., Bolin admonished them to have a mutual low opinion of Korra is the pet of Mako BTVA! Visions, Korra proposed to venture into the car relaxing and closing her eyes. [ 18,., it ’ s enemies 22 ] and tended to lean on Mako advice. Could not heal her, Korra attempted to entreat Mako once again, despite the romantic! She awakened Korra with him, he was `` one of understanding and respect toward the other.. And put her head closer to her without consequences in an intimate embrace sponsor the Ferrets... Awe as he knocked out the opposing team single-handedly in the end since Korra is an American animated series... Her assistance, instead tasking her with getting the United Forces on the ship, Mako took to his! Spirits Festival in 171 AG, they fell asleep against each other 's while... Not long after they had arrived slow to react showed concern while awaiting Korra 's severed with! Airship, making their way to handle the brewing civil war take Unalaq! To hear about Korra 's polar bear dog, whether the two Equalists turned and! More drama within their team to be the royal 's bodyguard to be, Mako and Asami 's business! Get through to her, but nevertheless happy to hear about Korra and Mako and Korra their. Statement by impulsively kissing him ; he was trying to warn her who does mako marry in legend of korra but!